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The same train taken from the same place with the same interesting power. teh7_49.JPG
Another colourful combo enters tunnel 10... teh7_50.JPG
...before our train can come around the loop. teh7_51.JPG
The train near Cameron - yes Virginia, those are Joshua Trees.  teh7_52.JPG
And lastly approaching Mojave. At this stage, I was getting bored and went snapping pics around California City for a few hours.  teh7_53.JPG
But luckily I came back to catch two clean Warbonnets leading a nice train at Sandcut teh7_54.JPG
And approaching Tunnel 2. teh7_55.JPG
Following the Warbonnets, was the daily loco train - this time with 12 locos. Seen here approaching tunnel 2. I'm amazed that I'd never found this spot up the hill before... teh7_56.JPG

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