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The same train and its helpers in a loop panorama. teh7_17.JPG
Spring is in the air... A pair of SD90s tread past the poppies at Tehachapi. teh7_18.JPG
A pair of eastbound stack trains near Cable crossover headed firstly by a mix of BNSF colour.... teh7_19.JPG
...and followed by a set of winged UP SD70Ms. teh7_20.JPG
A colourful BNSF train heads west through Cable. teh7_21nobird.JPG
...and passes an eastbound counterpart at Woodford. teh7_22.JPG
After the westbound clears Woodford, the helpers throttle up for the approach to the loop. teh7_23.JPG
The westbound again at the top of Bealville as it approaches tunnel 3 in the evening sun. teh7_24.JPG

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