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A fantastic few days at the loop over the 2001 Memorial Day Weekend.

After the afternoon drive up from LAX, it's straight up to the hill, where a BNSF pumpkin leads three Warbonnets past the railcam and down toward tunnel 10. teh7_01.JPG
The same train down at tunnel 2. teh7_02.JPG
And at Sandcut in the early evening sun. teh7_04.JPG
An eastbound train beside Caliente creek. teh7_03.JPG
A noisy manifest with three ageing SP units and a UP Dash-9 swing around the curve leading to tunnel 2. teh7_05.JPG
A quick blat up the hill and the same train is caught at the top end of Bealville. teh7_06.JPG
Near tunnel 3, a following stack train with an extraordinary mix of colour catches the last of the sun. teh7_07.JPG
The tranquility of early Saturday morning at Allard is crushed by a stack train threading its way uphill from tunnel 2.   teh7_08.JPG

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