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BNSF power relocation. GP60B in the middle. teh7_33.JPG
Crossing at Caliente. teh7_34.JPG
The 10 loco train crosses over the Bealville Rd after rounding the curve at Caliente.. teh7_35.JPG
The same train blasting through Woodford. teh7_36.JPG
Another varied consist heads a 'short' manifest through Cable. teh7_37.JPG
The pair of helpers at the rear of the above train are seen from the same spot at the west end of Cable. teh7_38.JPG
The same train at the former tunnel4. teh7_39.JPG
A the evening sun sinks lower, a winged pig train heads uphill in the Caliente Narrows. teh7_40+.JPG

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