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The flying pig train is snapped in the very last of the sun at Cable. teh7_41.JPG
The early bird catches a somewhat mediocre UP combo - a pair of SD90s - entering the Allard horseshoe. teh7_42.JPG
This is not a terribly exciting shot either, but here goes anyway... The same train taken from the same spot.  teh7_43.JPG
A crossing at Allard. The Dash-8's are helpers at the back of the train headed by the SD90s. That's a boring shot too... teh7_44.JPG
A pair of green SD40-2 helpers providing dynamic braking. teh7_45.JPG
Crossing at Bealville. teh7_46.JPG
Another crossing at Bealville. teh7_47.JPG
Another train entering Allard with a Dash-8 and four SD40-2s. teh7_48.JPG

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