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The Warbonnets approaching Mojave. I screwed up the 12 loco train by taking it at 400mm with not enough depth of field (it was windy). teh7_57.JPG
Off to the airport, but not before snapping this beauty lash-up near Mojave.
So that's it. The weather was fantastic, the BNSF trains unbelievable, I'm extremely pleased with my new Canon gear - what could be better?! 

Well, the old SP was almost completely absent from the hill on this trip and most of the UP trains had stingy loco combinations. Fast fading are the multiple scarlet and gray EMD locos and gone are the helper operations from Bena, replaced by run-through DPU assistance. Wish I'd gotten to Tehachapi a few years earlier. Still, can't have it all I suppose.

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