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A pumpkin-less stack train at Bealville teh7_09.JPG
BNSF manifest exiting tunnel 10. teh7_10.JPG
A pair of clean Warbonnets head down the spiral... teh7_11.JPG
...with a pair of EMD bankers in pre-merger paint schemes bringing up the rear... teh7_11a.JPG
...chases it's tail as the train at the top of the page waits at Woodford... teh7_12.JPG
...before crossing Tehachapi creek and approaching the loop... teh7_13.JPG
...and then leaving Walong behind. teh7_14.JPG
Dash-9s, another LMX Dash-8 and a cascade green SD40-2 wheel a grain train down around the loop. teh7_16.JPG

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