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The Wellington/Manawatu Area

Last of the shots from around my 90-96 home base. Woohoo.

All images are scanned from Fujichrome 100 slides. All photos by Darryl K Bond. Feel free to use provided you attribute the photographer.

Click on the thumbnail for the full size image. All are approx 50-100kb jpeg files.

Not sure when or where. Near the Scout camp (Manukau?) 97? scouts.jpg
Three around the beanpole, 20/1/96 trebbeanpole.jpg
My one sunny shot of a 'turn train'. These were run up to Paekakariki when the union declared the Wellington turntable unsafe. turn.jpg
DC 4421, DX 5039, DFT 7008, DC 4571 approach Waikanae approx 6/2/94 waiksun.jpg

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