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The Wellington/Manawatu Area

Some shots from around my 90-96 home base.

Again in no particular order...

All images are scanned from Fujichrome 100 slides. All photos by Darryl K Bond. Feel free to use provided you attribute the photographer.

Click on the thumbnail for the full size image. All are approx 50-100kb jpeg files.

A triple headed Sunday goods at Black Bridge 3blkbrg.jpg
Another Sunday goods with triple DXs approaching Te Horo 3dxtehoro.jpg
The famous quad of Easter in one of may favourite shots of all time. Photo taken at the insistance of Mr Archibald. 7/4/91 4manakau.jpg
The same train crossing the Otaki River 4otaki.jpg
DF + DX decending the Paekok hill dfdxpaek.jpg
the same train at Otaki in a Pinatubo sunset. dfsunset.jpg
DFT 7010 + DX 5166 at Forest lakes in late 95 dftfxforest.jpg

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