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A selection of shots taken between 27 and 31 October 2000, my first visit to Tehachapi in over a year. Lots of nice spots and more BNSF helpers on downhill trains, but fewer interesting consists and a real mix of weather and light (the Saturday evening was the end of daylight saving time). Another disturbing trend is way too many UP yellow and BNSF orange and yellow locos By the way, BNSF: the 70's are over!

Pics taken on Fujichrome 100, Ectachrome 200, and a few at the end on Fuji 100 print film. For the first time ever, I used a tripod for almost all shots on the first few days. Highly recommended! All pics copyright Darryl K Bond, but you can use them for non-commercial purposes as long as you give me all the credit and and let me know.


After the pig's passage, 8237 resumes its attack on the grade. 5t7.jpg
At the top of Bealeville, the same train is about to enter tunnel 3. 5t8.jpg
A following BNSF train emerges from the other side of tunnel 3. 5t9.jpg
After exiting tunnel 3, trains enter Clear Creek Ravine and head up to tunnel 5 and the big curve that swings around to the loop at Cliff. Many uphill trains produce plumes of diesel smoke when exiting tunnel 5, the longest in the Tehachapis. The fourth loco on this train is a SF GP30. 5ta.jpg
Another following uphill train rounds the curve at Clear Creek. The lead locos in the distance are entering tunnel 5. Helper UP 7037 is one of the big AC60CW convertibles. 5tb.jpg
Another UP train heads into tunnel 3. 5tc.jpg

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