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The South Island

Some shots from the South Island of NZ, excluding the Midland line which are on their own page.

Those on pages 2-5 taken 1987-89

Again in no particular order...

All images are scanned from Fujichrome 100 slides. All photos by Darryl K Bond. Feel free to use provided you attribute the photographer.

Click on the thumbnail for the full size image. All are approx 50-100kb jpeg files.

DF 6162 and 6012 (a 'flying tomato') on the kaikoura coast. Nov 91 dfskaik.jpg
DFT 7145 and DX 5477 head north through Seacliff on Christmas eve 1996 with Blueskin Bay in the background. dftdxseac.jpg
The same train between Shag Point and Katiki dftdxshag.jpg
The above train at the start of its journey, leaving Dunedin harbour dftdxstleo.jpg
A few days earlier on the 23rd of December 1996 at Dunedin yard, a couple of trains are assembled for journeys to Invercargitll and Christchurch. this DFT+DC+DC combo was at the point of one of the northbounds dftngtdn.jpg
On a snowy evening of 20 June 1989, DC 4939, DX 5270 and DJ 3545 prepare to head south with their train. The crew kindly gave me a ride from the depot to here. dnnightsnowtriple.jpg
Another triple headed evening weeknight goods prepares to depart the old Dunedin station yard in 1989 dnnighttriple.jpg

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