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The South Island

Some shots from the South Island of NZ. Most of these were taken during my time at university in Dunedin 97-89, during which time the 1969 vintage Mitsubish tri-bo DJ locos which spelt the end for South Island (and indeed NZ) steam, were being themselves phased out.

All images are scanned from Fuji 100 prints. All photos by Darryl K Bond. Feel free to use for non-profit purposes provided you credit the photographer.

Click on the thumbnail for the full size image. All are approx 50-100kb jpeg files.


A pair of DJs, 3332 and 3136 haul DF 6110 and the Southerner away from Sawyers Bay in Feb 1988. sawyersdjdjdf.jpg
One of the last Southerners to run before the introduction of the new dark blue cars in June 1988. ship.jpg
DJ 3643 (normally a West coast resident) heads a Northbound Southerner in the Shag point area. The first car is a car-van employed for a short while on one of these trains. 27/3/89 southecarvan.jpg
DJs 3194 and 3545 northbound near Studholme on 27/8/88 standrews.jpg
DFs 6070 and 6064 crest the short grade south of Studholme with train F79 on 27/8/88 studzdfs.jpg
DF 6104 and DJs 3551 and 3672 head north past Evansdale with 144 on 25/7/98 waitati.jpg
DFT and DX north of Dunedin, 24/12/96. sea.jpg
DXR 8007 and a DFT head accross the double deck awatere bridge in Marlborough. 4/10/95 awatere.jpg

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