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The South Island

Some shots from the South Island of NZ. Most of these were taken during my time at university in Dunedin 97-89, during which time the 1969 vintage Mitsubish tri-bo DJ locos which spelt the end for South Island (and indeed NZ) steam, were being themselves phased out.

All images are scanned from Fuji 100 prints. All photos by Darryl K Bond. Feel free to use for non-profit purposes provided you credit the photographer.

Click on the thumbnail for the full size image. All are approx 50-100kb jpeg files.


Another DF led Monday Southernerpasses Pelichet Bay in Oct 1988. this shot taken from the lighting tower. Also visible are the two car-vans found in Southland and now in service at the Otago Excursion Train Trust. dfdjsouthedn.jpg
On the same day, a late running double DF headed goods passes Pelichet Bay. dfsdn.jpg
In Jan 1988, DFs 6006 and 6104 head up towards Elevation on the big climb out of Picton, at the top of the South Island. dfspict.jpg
Flying Tomato DF 6029 leads DJs 3551 and 3021 past the decaying hulk of DG 2445, which was being stripped at Pelichet Bay before cutting up in May 1988 in May 1988. dgroof.jpg
A triple DJ hauled work train pauses at Palmerston, Feb 88 dj3palm.jpg
This June 1988 shot shows the DJs leading the DF out of Dunedin. This occaisionally happenned, often when the DF could not be started. djdjdf.jpg
A northbound Southerner at Timaru in Dec 88 djstim.jpg


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